Can You Avoid the Charm of Fullerton Bay Hotel?

Fullerton Bay Hotel is as gorgeous as Fullerton Hotel. They are under similar management, though the difference lies merely in the location. The overall services are the same, in which both hotels have such remarkable facilities for all loyal and new guests.  

How Affordable Is Fullerton Bay Hotel? 

Yet, both of them are not cheap hotels in Singapore. But, it will not -make guests stop visiting. On the other hand, they know that they pay the right price for all pleasure that they indulge. As the name implies, the main attraction of this hotel is its proximity to Marina Bay that offers spectacular views.

Guests know that they will enjoy a peaceful ambiance, thanks to the serene Marina Bay that sits in front of it. It is very easy to summarize that it becomes the main destination for business people who can easily access the Central Business District of Singapore. Without a doubt, any guest can also have easy access to several excellent places like the National Gallery, Gardens by the Bay, and several other attractions.

Welcoming All Guests with the Beautifully Exposed Lobby 

The Clifford Pier hosts the huge area of the lobby. This heritage spot was the immigrants' landing point where ferries and small boats are about to depart. Nowadays Clifford Pier turns out to be one of the most sophisticated hotels in Marina Bay. Yet, regardless of the modern and high technology equipment that the Fullerton Bay hotel has, it still maintains the strong heritage accent that emphasizes the elegant interior design.

The hotel represents its overall history as it has a walkway that connects the historical building with the contemporary lobby in the hotel that has six floors. The hotel has a diamond-shaped glass structure that delivers a great interior.

For sure, it is still the masterpiece of Andre Fu that delivers the enchanting d├ęcor. He knows perfectly well that Fullerton has distinctive styles that attract millions of loyal guests worldwide.

Well Suited Rooms and Suites for the Best Sunrise Moments 

There are only about 100 rooms. All of them offer views of Singapore city panoramas or Marina Bay sands, whichever guests want to choose. The rooms with a bay view offer the beautiful sight of sunrise where guests can witness right on their rooms’ sundeck.

High ceilings of all rooms are made perfect with the giant-sized windows which allow the great sun to break through each room. Each room also has a nicely furnished sitting area with the very enchanting design of a bathroom. Every bathroom has a separated rain shower and bathtub, with a very elegant atmosphere, thanks to the patterned and polished screens.

Fullerton Bay Hotel is proud to have six individually-themed suites that represent the unique cultures of Singapore. All of them have Marina Bay views.  All suites apply high technology equipment that guests will amaze, not to mention the overall amenities and exclusive toiletries.

Nothing can stop Fullerton Bay Hotel from attracting guests with its flawless service through the excellent rooms’ amenities, restaurants offerings, and all the available facilities.